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What is Bandai Entertainment’s problem? It’s been nine months since True Tears and Shigofumi were postponed. Nine months and they’re still missing in action. I understand that it takes a while for series to be translated, voiced, the DVD booklets and covers to be designed, and the finished product to be distributed, but you’d think in nine months they could have said, “Yes, it’s still on.” or “No, fugghedaboutit.” Funimation had no such problem releasing Claymore at warp speed, so why can’t Bandai get it together? To top it off, the plans were to release True Tears with just subtitles!

I’m frustrated by this because it’s circular logic. Apparently Bandai thinks, “We can’t make money releasing this for North America because this because the series is so unusual that no-one will buy it.” Never mind that they’ve already paid the voice actresses, the writers, the animators, and everyone involved in producing the Japanese version. So you’d think they’d do whatever they could to recoup those expenditures, right? No! I don’t know whether it’s saving face or fear of failure, or what.

Meanwhile, the series have developed rabid fan bases who have watched them through the valiant efforts of fansubbers (all hail Moetaku and FTP-A). So the fans that drool over the fansubbed versions and who would willingly shell out $$$ will never be able to own the real thing, because the license-holder thinks that they can’t make any money.


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