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Claymore Guide

Claymore is a medieval horror anime` that deals with female demon-hunters (Claymores) who are part-demon themselves.

The series starts out with a strong premise but loses its way, becoming yet-another critique of the “organization”, which is probably a code word for the church. Though some details of medieval life are accurate, the language is not. After a while, the pornographic camera angles and the boobs show up, and there’s even a GD late on.

Basically, the early episodes are interesting — 1-8. Episode 19 is good; 20 is ok, and 21 is somewhere between. The last few episodes take forever to resolve, and the ending is just ok. Watch the last five minutes or so if you’re really interested. It does has a strong forward momentum which makes you want to see what’s next because you care for the characters (Raki and Claire, primarily). Finally, there is a ton of blood and gore.

In the end, it’s another sadly typical anime` that starts with an interesting theme but eventually devolves into moral ambiguity, profanity, and prurience.

Official site (English): Funimation

Official site (Japanese): J-Claymore


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