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I have to admit that I’m perplexed. In my day job, I’m a technical writer. That means I need to understand general computer hardware/software, the particulars of my business (mortgage/finance), as well as all the aspects of English – audience, grammar, and so forth. What I’ve found is that apparently editing fansub scripts is more complicated and involved than the job I get paid to do! I edited a roughly translated script and was told that I should do QC instead. Really?

There are a few possible explanations here: one, the FSG is immature and petty. Two, I missed something categorical (like honorifics, for instance) that I just didn’t know. Three, they wanted perfection. There might be others, but heck if I know. I’ve seen the quality of English that goes into fansubs, and while there are some standout outfits, most of the time it’s just there, and it’s not rarely awful.

I know that I did better than most of what I’ve seen, although I’m sure it wasn’t perfect. What frustrates me is that I received no useful feedback; I have no idea whether I missed by an inch or by a mile. And the script was for Shiki, not something like Saiunkoko Monogatari!

I guess this is just one of those weird experiences that leaves you wondering.

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The more I hang around the anime` world, the more that the crazy stuff jumps out at me. At first, everything was crazy in a different way, in a cool “ohmigosh I’ve never seen anything like it” way, but I don’t mean crazy like that. I mean crazy like senseless. Here’s what I mean:

  • Fansub Group Fail. I don’t care if a FSG doesn’t complete a series or puts in snarky comments from time to time, but purposefully submitting fake subs is FSG Fail. Coalguys takes the cake for this one. See this post.
  • Anime` Fail. I’ve talked about how anime`s will often break apart like a cheap spaceship upon reentry so many times that it makes my fingers hurt just thinking about it.
  • Torrent Fail. This is a new one that I’m seeing more and more often. While I recognize that most people have 100-mb DSL/Cable, I’m at loss to explain the necessity or even the usefulness of mondo torrent files. I’m talking 1 GB at a minimum, and I’ve seen up to 20 GB. In my lifetime, I’ve downloaded one such file, which was the early episodes of D-Gray Man, and I think it took me a week to complete. If it was 20 GB, I’d probably still be downloading it. Why people, why? Do you really have a T3 piped into your home? Not everyone lives in the big state college computer lab, you know!

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