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I never thought I’d see a series like this one, and I hope I never see one again. Chaos Head is a bait-and-switch campaign of the highest order. You think you’re getting some spooky, cutting edge, memory/coverup kind of thing, but all you really get is a harem anime` with blood. Oh, and the main character is an unlikeable, pervy otaku.

I made my way through four episodes before giving up — there was just too many risque` elements and the plot formula was unescapable. Every episode introduces yet another potential love interest who turns out to not be what she seems. Even the weird elements play out predictably (ooh, one of the girls is a singer in a goth band whose lyrics are being used in the murders). Like we haven’t seen that one a bazillion times before.

Chaos Head had a lot of potential, but like a lot of anime`s, that’s all that it ends up with: potential. Welcome to the graveyard.


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