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While I was never a huge fan of K-On!, I did enjoy most of season one. Some episodes were good, others were lame, and there was a subplot that I hated (you can guess which one), but on the whole, the series worked. There was something endearing in the struggles of a group of high-school girls learning music, even if the music aspect took a back-burner too often. Probably the best episode of that season was the special after-season one, where the girls performed live at a get-together with other bands.

Season two is nothing like season one. I can say this after three episodes because it’s that bad. Here’s how they killed K-On:

  1. Reduce the mentality of the series from high school to junior high. K-On now is Pretty Cure.
  2. Shrink the size of the characters, which de-emphasizes their physically distinguishing characteristics. Everyone looks the same now.
  3. Remove all personality from the characters, so they all ACT like each other, too. Ritsu’s edge is gone. Mio’s shyness is history. Asan-yan’s respect for Ritsu as senpai is forgotten. It’s basically pod people city.
  4. Slow the pace to glacial and get rid of all plot. This is a big one, because K-ON! didn’t have much to sacrifice in the plot department and now that’s gone, too.
  5. Amp up the super-cuteness and bleed out the touches of intelligent humor. There’s still humor. It’s just weak, unfunny, flat and dead.

Was this simply rushed to capitalize on the popularity of the franchise? It sure feels like it. All they had to do to make it successful was keep things going as they were. Instead they dumbed it down, sparkled it up, and made it as generic as possible.

Welcome to the graveyard, K-On!

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It’s not very cool to rag on fansub groups openly, but I’ve had it. I suffered through Coalguys’ K-ON subs last year mostly because they were the fastest, but their subs got rougher and lamer. Now I see what they’ve done to K-ON season two and it makes me want to smash stuff and hurt people — and I’m not even a hardcore fan.

Simply put, they ran K-ON through the sewer. So now the girls use terms like “f**king b*tch”? It’s possible that the series has different writers, but that much of a change I find very, very unlikely. What’s much more possible is Coalguys’ addiction to profanity, sloppy translation, and general inaccuracy. Now the other unrealistic thing is that when the girls aren’t using gutter language, they sound like a parody of Christians! They’re not attending a private Christian school that I could ever tell, so the sudden change is also a result of poor translation or some stupid stunt. And the opening theme song suffers from the same thing — although that’s so obvious that it must be a stupid stunt. Finally, the contemporary American political expressions are equally and massively out-of-place. All this adds up to one giant disrespect of the series; I’d even go so far as to call it a rape.

This particular FS is not above this sort of attention-seeking behavior, if you remember episode 10 from the first season. Then, the main guy released a crude home video of him ragging off on wannabe otakus. They’ve been thrown off at least one hosting site, too.

I don’t know who else is doing this series, but it’s gotta be better than their effort.

In short, Coalguys SUCKS and I will never watch another one of their subs.

Update: Apparently Fuwa subs is the work of the same loser or group of losers. Their sub contains doubtful profanities and racial epithets. They suck too.

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