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Squid Girl

Shinryku Ika Musume (Conquer, Squid Girl!) is a humorous, kawaii anime that focuses on the plans of Ika Musume (Squid Girl) to take over the world, starting at an oceanfront cafe, the Lemon. Each episode has three vignettes that feature some degree of character development and plot (in other words, Lucky Star, this is not). The whole perspective is that of “innocent outsider learns about Japanese culture and the world”. It’s not novel, but it does work well.

The number of profanities is low; there is occasional sexual humor (one of the characters is a lesbian and this is always lampooned), and even rarer, sexual camera angles. There is no depth as far as theology or theme goes, except extolling friendship.

The intro theme song is addictingly upbeat and catchy. The ending theme song is slower, more emotive, but just as effective.

Here’s the short OO guide (* indicate standout episodes):

1- Ok, this is pretty kawaii, fairly humorous, and slice-of-life. It’s a little bit shallow, but it’s also open-ended (meaning, that there will be some development and not just a static existence). The humor isn’t surprising, but it’s mostly non-sequitur type stuff that does the job. It is, at the least, watchable.
2 – Not as good as the first, but the translation (WhyNot subs) is better. The last third is the funniest. It’s still kawii, just not as much character development.
* 3 – Funniest one so far, especially the last third.
* 4 – As good if not better than 3. Some character development, some plot development.
5 – OK. 2nd one is hilarious; last one is touching.
6 – Good. Some funny bits and some character development.
7 – Eh. One sexual bit that’s unnecessary.
8 – The first two are just ok. The last one is hilarious!
9 – The first two are cool; the third one is questionable.
10 – Ok. The first one is hilarious. The last one is heartwarming. The middle one is mostly stupid.
11 – Just ok. No trash but not really all that funny either. The last one is the funniest but it has the only stupid part in it. Gah, Sanae is just icky beyond words.
* 12 – Heartwarming. A very good end.

I’d say it’s worth watching as a break between your usual animes. Crunchysubs, Underwater, and WhyNot? are doing it, and of the three, the most reliable is WhyNot?. FFFpeeps actually has some translation errors that radically change the meaning of the dialog. Download at the torrent hole of your choice or from the FS sites!

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This show is one of the most visually cute anime`s EVER. Here is a screen cap from a recent episode that should push all of your cute-drool buttons at once. (Click for a larger image.)

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