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Ok, here’s the latest round of vomit-inducing anime` series.

Genji Monogatari Senneki — It’s an eroge. So there’s some plot, but the plot serves only to connect the amorous conquests of the main character. In addition the animation does the repeating frame thing and the music doesn’t fit. Quite a bit of flesh, though it tries to be tasteful. Number of episodes survived: two.

Guin Saga — Uninspired psuedo-Grecian fantasy-adventure with one character who has lost his memories, and a weak male main character. We’ve seen this all before. Number of episodes survived: one.

Hayate no Gotoku — Watching just one episode made me realize that there’s a trillion characters and it would injure me trying to keep track of them all. That with the ridiculously sugary silly approach makes me want to claw my eyes out. I guess it appeals to the 10-12 year-old set, but it tries for the self-aware parodies and just collapses into middle-school silliness. It’s cheezy and trite. Number of episodes survived: two.

La Corda d’Oro (season 2) — I didn’t see the first season, so maybe it was good; however, this season is heavy with stock characters and suffocates beneath a sentimental blanket. It’s not evil, but it’s not original or emotional. I made it through one episode, hoping it would turn the corner. It didn’t.

Nagasarete Airantou — Probably the ultimate harem series (guy on an island of women). It’s not hentai, but it’s as close as you can get on Japanese TV. Despite the good closing song, let’s not kid ourselves. This is designed to appeal to unthinking horny men. Prurient. Number of episodes survived: three.

Queen’s Blade — hentai + sword-fighting + mock-cuteness. A real winner, guys. I survived a few seconds. Chihiro stopped with this series because they thought it was bad, so I’m not alone on this one.

(Chrome-Shelled) Regios — Great idea, but risque` material shows up frequently and the character development is herky-jerky, typical anime` (revealing things on an episode-by-episode basis with no foreshadowing). It’s run-of-the-mill. Number of episodes survived: 3.

Shuffle! — It’s a note-by-note rip-off of To Heart, with Shinto overtones and a quite a bit of risque` material. Number of episodes survived: not even one.

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