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I thought that I had seen every stupidity in anime`, and then I found this series. First, it’s not original — it’s a spinoff from a pretty lame series (the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya). Second, the mentality is second grade. The humor is juvenile and lots of things are never explained. Every episode features seven or so random shorts that range from the brain-suckingly-stupid to just ok; very rarely is there anything funny. They could have cut the series length in half and still had too much filler. Third, the animation style is minimal and the characters are mostly expressionless. Fourth, there’s even occasional pervert moments for your displeasure! The ending theme is short but catchy, and that’s the high point of the entire series.

Still, if you are entertained by mostly stupid things, watch episode 7. It has the highest consistency and some of the funniest material. If you’re still nonplussed after that, watch something else. It doesn’t get better.

Welcome to the graveyard, Nyoroon Chura-San!

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No, this is not The Ring (or Ringu, for the purists). This is the latest batch of lame anime` series, where you benefit or at least are warned by my misfortune.

Baccano — Ordinarily a story like this would interest me: 1930’s, mob, immortals, golden age SF, and conspiracies. However, Baccano just bores me. There is no-one to root for. The viewpoint is so detached from the characters (and there are so many characters) that you don’t have enough time with any of them to know them and that also has the effect of making all of them look less-than-heroic. That’s the problem with gritty series as this one is — you don’t have any motivation to keep watching them. Number of episodes survived: three.

Basquatch — I had the feeling this would be perv-o-rama before even seeing it and I was right. Fetish hentai. I survived a few seconds.

Maple Story — A children’s story with profanity. Uhm, not cool. Also, Nina is a jerk. Episodes survived: one.

Marie and Gali — Let me get this straight. A loli, profane, science anime` aimed at children? Excuse me, but what the heck is that? Number of episodes survived: not even one.

Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya — It takes a special kind of talent to fail grandiosely and this series has it. Like Baccano, it has elements that I usually enjoy: upbeat ending theme, SF, high-school love, and twisty plots. But this series sucks because Haruhi is a domineering, obnoxious, unlikeable character. Everyone else just does whatever she wants them to, being utterly spineless. It’s not pervy, profane, or generally morally lame, but it’s unemotional, stoically calm, and filled with characters you just don’t care about one way or the other except when you don’t like them. This series gets a statue in the Hall of Suck. Episodes survived: one.

Minami-ke-Okaeri — Another plotless “slice of life” story, a la Lucky Star. Number of episodes survived: 1.5.

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