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Kanon is one of those rare anime`s that’s consistently just ok. It misses opportunities to reach for grandeur, and it usually avoids opportunities to fall into the gutter. In short, it’s not bad, and it’s not great.

The story itself is rather familiar, involving lost memories, a guy meeting several girls, and a crazy twist towards the end. The music is just there, not distracting and not emotional. The animation quality is just shy of atrocious, but in time, you get used to it. Its sins are garden variety as well: occasional profanities, perv camera shots, a few mentions of boobs. Altogether, an episode or two are worse than the rest.

Again, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before, but on the other hand, quite a few anime`s suck a lot more than this. It consists of 13 episodes and apparently was remade in 2006. The 2006 version seems to trash it up a bit more, offering improved animation as some kind of compensation. However, it’s just a remake, so there’s no reason to watch that if you’ve seen this (or vice`-versa).

Icchan has a version on YouTube if you’re interested.

In the end, you can take Kanon or leave it, and it really doesn’t matter either way. I’ve never felt so ambivalent about an anime` before. Weird, huh?


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