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This show has all the ingredients to be something remembered for generations, but it doesn’t know what to do with them. It doesn’t resort to perv material to make up for it, and so it doesn’t fail spectacularly either. It just bubbles along, slowly, like someone dancing in place. The music is almost better than the series, in a way; the music is memorable — both themes — and even the music used in the show itself, while the show just doesn’t have the character development, and the growth that makes a series worthwhile. With that said, the best episode of the series is the last. It has character development, timelessness, and the painful, yet necessary maturation of growing up. The next-best episode is the first. The rest range from good to somewhat questionable (some risque insinuations show up from time to time), but the whole innocent sheen remains intact.

Rin, Natsume, Yuka, and Saki

Natsuro Kiseki tells the story of four jr. high girls — Rin, Yuka, Natsume, and Saki — in their last summer together, as Saki is moving to a new school on a remote island. They have many memorable experiences along the way, beginning with flying about 100 feet in the air in the first episode. This is a wish granted to them by the rock-sama at Rin’s shrine. (Yeah, rock-sama. Whatever.)

The tone has sensitivity and honesty high on the charts. The dialog is realistic, too, and the characters are sharply defined. At the best, it’s simply delicious, wistful, and yet, sadly inexorable. At worst, it’s just there, like images moving on a screen.

This wasn’t a bad series, but I wasn’t emotionally moved enough by it to bother listing out short descriptions of each episode. They were all stand-alone episodes anyways except for 1,11, and 12 — and that’s sad. Natsuro Kiseki, like a lot of people, and a lot of days in our lives, self-immolates in unused potential.

Fansubbed by Rori and by Tasty-Anmitsu.

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