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That didn’t take long. Here are some of the shows that looked so good just a few weeks ago, that ended up stuck in the pits of perviness, or so lame that they hurt my eyes to watch.

Ao No Exorcist. A very rich milieu, thrown into the trash by lazy, profane fansub groups, and a plot that dove right into cliches and moral relativity.

Deadman Wonderland. Awesome idea suffocated to death by profanities.

Dog Days. At least this one flamed out early. In the second episode, the porn goggles go on and don’t come off. Buh-bye.

Nichijou. I really, really hate plotless anime`, a la Lucky Star. Nichijou is plotless anime`.

Hana-Saku Iroha. This one infuriates me. The first two episodes were glorious; pure, visually stunning, humorous, and inexorably true-to-life. Then unexpectedly, episode three took a detour through Pervtown, and the series never recovered.

Welcome to the graveyard, the lot of you!

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Let us rejoice. For a while there, I was despairing of anything good ever coming out. It was getting old seeing week after week of trash-fests like GoSick and Freezing being subbed. Finally, the ray of light.

Anyhow, here’s what looks promising so far:

C – It looks like it’s a high-tech retelling of Dr. Faustus, but without the gothic/romantic heaviness that such a tale deserves. We’ll see.

Deadman Wonderland – An awesome premise about a teenage guy framed for a horrible crime he didn’t commit, and sent to a privately-run prison that doubles as a theme park. It works a lot better than it sounds. Like C, this could be good, and it could be awful.

Hana-Saku Iroha – I think I am in love. A beautiful, heartfelt, coming-of-age story set in the present.

Nichijou – slice-of-life HS with occasionally askew humor. There’s also robots.

Stein’s Gate – Headtrippy SF with dark undercurrents and interesting characters.

Walpurgis Night Fever – Humorous take on the outpost theme. Cuter than Soro No Woto, and hopefully not as pretentious.

Working (Season 2) – If you’ve seen the first season, you know what’s in store. If not, it’s a fairly humorous series about the oddballs that work at a restaurant. It’s too rough around the edges to be great, but it’s ok for a laugh now and then.

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