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Yes, Onegai My Melody (Kuru Kuru Shuffle) is not as good as the original series, but every once in a while there are flashes of quality. Here are two examples of Kuromi as Cupid. Yes, that Kuromi, and yes, that Cupid.

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Onegai My Melody (official site in Japanese) is a humorous, warm, good-hearted shoujo anime` with a good bit of character development and parody riffs on anime` themes and Japanese culture in general. It’s cute, but never just cute, and often satirizes super-cuteness.

Plotwise, three visitors from Mari-Land (a counterpart to the human world populated by cute stuffed animals) enter the human world for reasons that the show slowly reveals. Upon discovering talking stuffed animals, the main human characters (Uta Yumeno and her friends) as well as Kenichi Hiragi, are perplexed and shocked. They get over that initial reaction, and soon find themselves drawn into the chain of events that prompted the three visitors to come to the human world.

Morally speaking, the number of profanities are low, sexual content is very rare, and a few positive mentions of God crop up from time to time, though these are cultural with no deep theological understanding. With that said, one of the main themes of the show is ridiculous nature of unjustified resentment, with the logical follow-up, the need for forgiveness, occasionally on display. Other themes include seeing things as they really are (instead of what you want them to be), and the usual Japanese (and American) emphasis on hard work. The series runs fifty-two episodes with another series following right on its heels. That’s a good thing because the last episode doesn’t conclude.

The series is very good for what it is — a funny, enjoyable, sometimes emotional series with general moral truths sprinkled throughout. It features strong characterization, usually tight plots, parody, and well-rounded, likable characters. There are more than a few excellent episodes. If looking forward to the next episode week after week is a sign of enjoying the series, then this series passes that test. Onegai My Melody is a quality show, worth watching for sure, and even worth buying if it ever is officially subtitled or even dubbed.

For now, enjoy the fantastic work done by Eggplant subs here. The short review follows, with excellent shows starred.

Episode 1 — Not bad. Sets up the light-hearted nature of the series, introduces most of the characters, and delivers a few laughs. Higher on the shoujo dazzle than I’d like, but does reveal the sensitive and understanding insight into the minds of teenage girls.

Episode 2 — Eeh.

* Episode 3 — Excellent. Mana picks up on Uta’s fireworks with Kogure. Quite a bit of humor. Sensitive and emotional. One profanity. A rarity in that it explores how a socially isolated teenage male feels.

Episode 4 — Between good and very good. Funny, more of Uta’s family dynamics. Intro Lamb.

Episode 5 — Between good and very good. We see what Mana likes in a guy. Pretty funny. A little bit of lame Shinto stuff though. Not capitalizing the g in God? Bleah. Intro Hedgehog-kun.

Episode 6 — Just OK.

* Episode 7 — Very good. Mana dogs on Miki’s poetry (and Miki is an Emily of New Moon that can’t write poetry), which is hilarious. Another sensitive episode with emotions, and character development. Great quote: “I’m on the winning team of life!” One profanity.

* Episode 8 — Great. Mana feature, lots of character development. Three profanities (mistranslations?).

* Episode 9 — Another great one. Koto feature. The Kuromi note scene is great. Quite a bit of character development. We get to see what Koto’s life is like. A very obvious truth is stated — Koto has it together more than Uta does.

* Episode 10 — Very good. Kanade feature, character development, and a few LOL moments.

* Episode 11 — Great. Uta’s dad feature. Lots of humor. Intro the idiot couple.

* Episode 12 — Excellent. Features Shirzoka, one of Uta’s classmates. Hilarious.

* Episode 13 — Excellent. Very funny and loads of character development. Uta-chan looks way cute.

Episode 14 — Just OK. One profanity.

* Episode 15 — Very good. Heartwarming, plus some insight on the idol world and references to enka.

Episode 16 — Lame.

Episode 17 — A little better than average. The main conflict is nothing special, but Baku has some great lines. He also shows up in a cheerleader outfit. Intro My Melo’s family.

Episode 18 — Lame.

Episode 19 — Pretty good. A nice change of pace with the Yumano family and My Melody going to the beach. Loads of character development. The fight scene is all the samey, but the rest of the episode is good.

* Episode 20 — Excellent. More than usual character development. Miki gives up on Hirogi-sama; others notice that Kogure has a crush on Uta. Some theology references that are humorous and faintly Christian in nature (a plus as always). The ending conversation between Baku and Hirogi is priceless. Fairly emotional too.

* Episode 21 — A must-see. Hilarious music, great character development, and Kuromi is charmed to act like My Melo. The number of inventive plot twists and humorous moments is off the charts.

Episode 22 — Pretty good. Some funny parts especially towards the end. One profanity. The featured character looks kinda loli, though.

* Episode 23 — A standout episode. Kuromi as a human girl is goth-foxy to the max! Lots of humor. Tight plot, and the relationship between Baku and Kuromi is given more depth. (For pics of Kuromi in her human form, see this post).

Episode 24 — Lame.

Episode 25 — Just OK. One profanity. A few funny bits, and a cool ending, but that’s it.

* Episode 26 — Very good. Feature Koto and her friends. Funny stuff with Uta making puns and the fighting spirit clocks. Plus, My Melo tries to work out. Running gag of “blubber mug”.

Episode 27 — Good. Some funny parts, but the most interesting thing is the plot.

* Episode 28 — Great. Lots of humor, more Japanese language puns than you can handle, and more character development. Plus a foxy weather babe.

Episode 29 — Good. Very funny, a bit too much shoujo dazzle, but the ending rocks. Character development. New ending theme.

Episode 30 — Good. One stupid nod to Darwinism, though (and what a huge humorous missed opportunity that was). Otherwise funny. Not too much character development.

Episode 31 — Good. Hirogi’s plans come close to being made obvious, even to Uta. Some fairly funny parts, but nothing really memorable. Minor character development. We learn that Kuromi is jealous of Uta, though.

Episode 32 — Ok. Too high on the shoujo dazzle for me. A handful of funny parts, and a close call with Kogure revealing his feelings for Uta.

* Episode 33 — Very good. One of the best ones in a while. Two profanities, but you can barely hear them. Lots of humor; more than average character development.

Episode 34 — Ok. A few funny parts. One risque` mention.

Episode 35 — Not bad. The main conflict is lame, but the background about Baku and how he spends his day is interesting.

Episode 36 — Good. Silly but hilarious. No character development, though.

Episode 37 — Ok. Second half has some funny moments. No character development here either. One profanity. Mana featured.

Episode 38 — Lame. What is up with goth-lolita thing? And that’s no mistranslation. The plot had potential but it was just too much. In this case, less could have been more. The ending was ironic, though.

Episode 39 — Good. Heartwarming and some a nod or two to absolute truth.

* Episode 40 — Very good. A return to form.

* Episode 41 — Very good.

Episode 42 — Good. A bit high on the cuteness factor, but there wasn’t any stupid stuff, either. A day in the life of My Melody.

* Episode 43 — Very very good. Some true LOL moments and a lot of dramatic tension. Uta confesses. Total cliffhanger ending, though.

Episode 44 — Good. Some funny parts; the plot is interesting, and I guess Hirogi’s decision was inevitable, wasn’t it? One cuss word.

Episode 45 — Eh. Just kinda there. They tried to put too much into one episode and as a result there’s not enough time given to the emotions.

* Episode 46 — This is a good one. Uta’s feelings are explored, honestly; a hilarious revelation from Kanade.

Episode 47 — Pretty good. No character development, and a few humorous bits. One profanity. It’s warm-hearted but nothing stand-out.

* Episode 48 — Good to very good. Baku’s family comes to stay with My Melo. Quite a few funny parts and a smidge of character development.

Episode 49 — It’s OK. Some funny parts and an unexpected ending. Another total cliffhanger ending.

Episode 50 — It’s a little bit better than OK. Another total cliffhanger ending. One or two great humorous moments. It’s really up in the air whom Uta will choose.

* Episode 51 — A bit overdramatic in places, but funny. Good character development.

Episode 52 — Very overdramatic and it doesn’t really end! It leads straightaway into a new series, so I guess that’s ok.

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Just a little something different, here. I occasionally watch Onegai My Melody. (Why, do you ask? I tend to like shoujo series because they can have well-developed characters, and this one does. It also doesn’t take itself seriously, and it is humorous. In short, it has better-than-average writing.) Anyhow, episode 23 features Kuromi, My Melody’s major nemesis in human form instead of in her usual Mari Land form. This episode rocked on several different levels, but I just wanted to put up some pics of Kuromi. Ah, my heart. Classy goth girls so rock.

Click on the images for larger versions.

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