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And here we are again, a new season. The usual caveats apply — if it’s a second season or something I’m not into, it’s not here. That means no: Love Live!, Precure, Idolmaster, etc.


Gakuen Babysitters — heart-tugging daycare / orphan / school setup. Not overly cutesy. I wonder how this will go?
Koi wa Amegari no You ni – ohmigosh yes – Romantic/stilled time/introvert/doomed love yes!
Kokkoku — gritty time-stop modern day. Looks good, but the ending theme is prurient.
Mira no Kaikata — humorous and kawaii
Toji no Miko — demon-hunting shrine maidens — better than it sounds and it gets better past the first ten minutes
Violet Evergarden — turn-of-the-century war/romance.
Yuru Camp — Wistful, pastoral, romance of camping


Basilisk – Ouka Ninpouchou — Historical ninja drama. Boresville.
Citrus — Yuri — at least the intro told me, so little wasted time
Death March kara Hajimar Isekai Kyousoukyoku — Log Horizon rip-off
Grancrest Senki — a bratty mage and her project boy knight — yeah, no thanks
Hataraku Onii-san — cat delivery service — this could have been fantastic, but instead it’s stupid, shallow, and drawn by people who didn’t care
Marchen Madchen — the main character pulls at my heart, but the erotic twists and turns destroy the experience
Micchiri Neko — ultra-short and aimed at the pre-school set
Misuboshi Colors — Lucky Star, the jr high version
Pop Team Epic — Absolutely moronic. I feel much less capable of thinking after watching half of this.
Ryuuou no Oshigoto! — board game drama = boring
Sanrio Danshi — Schmaltzy
Slow Start — Ecchi


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