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High points first. First of all, the music is quite good. There’s at least one metal song, and maybe two, depending on how light you go. Second, the characters are well-defined for the short time that this lasts (40 minutes). Third, the plot is interesting.

The low points: a short nude scene (completely unnecessary), some risque stuff (mostly swimsuit shots), and graphic violence. Given that this is about an anti-terror group, the violence at least makes sense.

There is one profanity; nothing positive theologically speaking, but nothing negative either; politically, it takes an anti-terrorist viewpoint without any moral equivocations (which contrasts with Gunslinger Girl). There’s a little touch of feminism which isn’t obnoxious. The tone is upbeat, occasionally humorous, and human. The main characters aren’t moveable pin-up girls, but have real emotions and motives.

The animation is good but not blow-you-away good. Japan has turned out a lot worse and more recently, too. This looks to be from a high-quality VHS rip with just about no artifacts, so kudos to the FSG on that one.

Overall, I can’t give it a strong recommendation, but if you like the action/anti-terrorist/spy kinda thing, you might enjoy this. I’d give it a C+/B-.

Available at your favorite torrent hole. I’d link the FSG (Nexus), but apparently time has forgotten them.

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I wanted to like Mission E, which is why I held on for about five or six episodes before throwing in the towel. The concept is wickedly interesting: girls with the ability to manipulate electricity, who may or may not have been part of some government experiment. Two rival organizations seek them out, one to protect them, and the other to exploit their powers. And one more thing? When they use their powers, they disrupt anything electrical nearby (cell phones, elevators, and so forth).

The intro music keys you in to what this series is about: a retro-spy kind of superhero thing, and that’s plenty enjoyable for what it is. However, the show never turns its attention away from the two main characters, which is a shame. Every other episode, it seems, they rescue another young girl, whom you never see nor hear from again. The training of the girls is never touched upon, and while there is some character development from show to show, it’s so slow that To Heart: Remember My Memories seems rollercoaster-ride fast. And plot? Don’t expect anything more involving than the usual stand-alone disposable missions (spiced with occasional history/in-group intrigue).

So we have the usual elements for a massive anime` fail: great concept, slow pace, and linear plots. To top it off, there’s a bit of otaku humor, with the episodes occasionally referencing other anime`s like Pretty Cure.

Welcome to the graveyard, Mission E.

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