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What happens when you have a cool, head-trippy idea, but haven’t worked out the plot past the first two episodes? If you’re the people behind Stein’s Gate (or should I say “Stein’s; Gate” — what is up with that mangled punctuation?) you just go for it anyways. Most people watching won’t even notice that the last seven episodes are filler, especially if you throw in pervy jokes to cover up the lack of plot! You’re as good as rolling in the dough at that point.

Episode one was fascinating, freaky, odd and darkly humorous. The second episode was about 90% of the quality of episode 1, the third, 70%, and by the fourth episode I didn’t care if the series continued or not. Some anime`s fail catastrophically (like Dog Days, Miracle Girls, and Hana-Saku Iroha); others just suck from the start; but Stein’s Gate is a slow-motion fail.

In the end, the boredom caused by watering down the plot, the perviness, and the glacial pace just proved too much for me to handle. I should have known that any series dealing with time travel was destined to fail, anyhow! Like Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai, Stein’s Gate failed as a series. If it had been a movie, it wouldn’t have reached the level of The Girl That Leapt Through Time, but it would have been fairly decent, I imagine.

Welcome to the graveyard, Stein’s Gate!

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Let us rejoice. For a while there, I was despairing of anything good ever coming out. It was getting old seeing week after week of trash-fests like GoSick and Freezing being subbed. Finally, the ray of light.

Anyhow, here’s what looks promising so far:

C – It looks like it’s a high-tech retelling of Dr. Faustus, but without the gothic/romantic heaviness that such a tale deserves. We’ll see.

Deadman Wonderland – An awesome premise about a teenage guy framed for a horrible crime he didn’t commit, and sent to a privately-run prison that doubles as a theme park. It works a lot better than it sounds. Like C, this could be good, and it could be awful.

Hana-Saku Iroha – I think I am in love. A beautiful, heartfelt, coming-of-age story set in the present.

Nichijou – slice-of-life HS with occasionally askew humor. There’s also robots.

Stein’s Gate – Headtrippy SF with dark undercurrents and interesting characters.

Walpurgis Night Fever – Humorous take on the outpost theme. Cuter than Soro No Woto, and hopefully not as pretentious.

Working (Season 2) – If you’ve seen the first season, you know what’s in store. If not, it’s a fairly humorous series about the oddballs that work at a restaurant. It’s too rough around the edges to be great, but it’s ok for a laugh now and then.

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