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Here’s the OO short take on this season’s anime`.


Kisnaiver – Eerie SF with some very cool spiritual overtones.
Mayoiga (Lost Village) – Atmospheric, eerie, tense. YES.
Pan de Peace – lighthearted but with enough plot to prove interesting. Short episodes, though. May not pan out. Hehe.
Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – Humorous fantasy that riffs off MMORPGs. Unpredictable and intriguing.
Seisen Cerebrus – Sword/sorcery fantasy with some darker elements. We’ll see.
Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou – A cooking/music mashup. Crazy but it might work.


Ace Attorney – Somewhat interesting, but overdramatic.
Anne Happy – Too much shojou dazzle. Sickeningly sweet.
Bakoni! – Idea is not bad, but it gets pervy fast.
Big Order – Ridiculously fast-pased, doesn’t-add-up gifted thing with nonserious music.
Bako no Hero Academia – Overdramatic superhero show + profanities.
Endride – Generic buddy fantasy with overdone music. Not involving or interesting.
Haifuri – Nothing trashy, but shallow and by the numbers.
Hundred – Not a bad superhero/gifted setup, but it’s ruined by an undercurrent of perv.
Kuma Miko – Slice-of-life, some humor, but perviness.
Onigri – Certain kinds of perverts role-play. This one’s for them. Ugh.
Sakamoto Desu Ga – Over-the-top series about a guy who is ridiculously cool. Just not interesting.
Space Patrol Luluco – Silly and mindless. Great ending theme song though.
Sansha Sanyou – Aimed at the jr. high set, but at least it’s not Pretty Cure.
Usakame – Hyperfast linguistic pun/slice-of-life/non-sequitur mishmash with poor art and oversexed characters.
Wagamama High Spec – When the characters discard their clothes in the first 30 seconds, you know what you’re in for. Ugh.


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